Automated Systems TX llc

secure offsite data storage

* Client Data Safety
* Protection from all ransome-ware and ...
  • mal-
  • crypto-
  • gotcha-
  • etc.
* Business Continuity/Recovery
* Archival Secure Data Storage

What does the above mean? Certainly your work product for your clients is important. Also, they depend on you, e.g. 'a copy from last year, please'. You want to be able to always deliver to your clients. And, for legal reasons, recover all of your own records .

If your company has not been attacked successfully by bad actors, you are fortunate. Your network is attacked virtually constantly from without (network probing) and within (commonly via links in email or compromising your website). The surest recovery after a successful attack (penetration) is to rebuild a computer with known good software and data (files). Known good is important so you know that all that client data (and your own!) is as it should be - accurate!

Business continuity and recovery is described in the above paragraph. How? Archival secure data storage provides the answer.

Call or text 432-290-8639 CST for secure offsite data storage in (your choice of) Switzerland, Hong Kong, United States (California, Colorado). You can also choose to make your storage geo-redundant if you desire (though no data has been lost [or damaged] in over 20 years of operation).

I lease secure offsite digital data storage. You pay only for the storage you are using for that month. NO extra fees. NO limit on what device sends or receives your data to/from storage. You are the only one with access to your stored data after you change your initial login password. At that point, I become an information fiduciary (infoduciary) and have no access to your data.

Think of secure offsite data storage like a lockbox at a bank. You have the key to lock it, you transport your valuables to the bank (and remove all or some of them when you want to), and you check on them when you want. The bank simply maintains security for all your valuables.

Secure reliable encrypted offsite backup is your best protection if you are unfortunate enough to be infected with malware/ransomware (a successful attack by bad actors). Or if there is an error of deletion of important files.

Remember to test your recovery strategy regularly.

US$6.50/TeraBytes/month (TB/mo). Minimum account billing of five (5) TeraBytes/month (TB/mo) i.e. US$32.50. No maximum storage. Anything over five (5) TB/mo has an extra charge of US$6.50 per partial extra TB/mo. If you go over that 5 TB base amount then you will receive a bill for that month for US$6.50 per each extra (or partial) TB for that month over the five (5) TB prepaid amount. For example, one month you are using six and one half (6.5) TB of storage. That month you will receive a bill for (7-5)*($6.50) = US$13.00. Remember the partial TB gets rounded up to next full TB.

If you prepay 12 months we will help you with your backup strategy and configuration of backup software. That takes care of the first five (5) TeraBytes/month. Any extra usage is charged as per previous paragraph.