Automated Systems TX llc

is a Limited Liability Corporation registered in the state of Texas in the United States of America. It is owned/registered by Michael 'Mac' McDaniel who has been professionally working with computers, data storage, and security since 1975.

I resell secure offsite data storage from (also used by 3M, ESPN, Disney, and others who value their digital assets). If you want technical details, call or text me (432-290-8639 CST), or click Note that works fine with Microsoft products (even though UNIX is prominently mentioned in the above link)

For your secure offsite data storage, I show you how to transport your data to the secure offsite location, and help you 'check on it' regularly. You only pay for the data you store. I keep it secure and provide free immutable snapshots (over 20 years of data safety). You have 24 hour access from any device.